A Snapshot on extant sabre rattling on AFENIFERE. by Femi Mimiko, mni

A Snapshot on extant sabre rattling on AFENIFERE.
Femi Mimiko, mni

Pa Reuben Fasoranti has lived a life of integrity. He is not one swayed either by money or position. His public service record shines through. His involvement in children education, since his retirement from public service, is unequalled. Baba is a dedicated father and husband like no other; and a community leader of immense credibility. If at 96, or thereabout, Baba was led by some elements around him not similarly wired, to take a step he may ordinarily not have taken – assuming this is the case – it should not be the basis for calling his good intentions and integrity to question. The joke is actually on those who chose to take advantage of Baba’s age and led him into this needless controversy at the twilight of his life. In line with the best of Yoruba culture, the retired AFENIFERE leader deserves all the respect we can accord him.

Baba Fasoranti’s successor in the leadership of AFENIFERE, Pa Ayo Adebanjo, is an intense and highly engaging personality, with undiluted commitment to the good of the Yoruba ethnic nationality, and indeed, the Nigerian commonwealth. No good purpose is served pitching these two compelling personalities and iconic Yoruba leaders against one another, on the APC presidential candidate Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s courtesy call on Pa Fasoranti. Please, let them be!

@FemiMimiko, mni

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