Olusola Oke’s Soaring Popularity and the Shenanigans of Predictable Losers


Olusola Oke’s Soaring Popularity and the Shenanigans of Predictable Losers

As the popularity of Chief Olusola Oke, SAN, continues to soar, astronomically, in the build-up to the APC primary, where he is confident of lifting the flag of the party as candidate, and convinced of ultimate victory at the gubernatorial election, his detractors are busy cooking up ridiculous strategies and cock and bull stories, to paint him negatively in the estimation of leaders of the party and reception of the good people of Ondo State. It must be stated, very unequivocally, that their evil plots shall always fail.

The first in such dubious attempts, in recent times, was the deliberate reference to Chief Olusola Oke, SAN, as the candidate of the PDP.  It is very unfortunate that what started as a beer parlour gists of inebriated fellows could be brought to the public domain, using questionable online media.

We are confident to reiterate the fact that Chief Olusola Oke, SAN, is a candidate to beat in the coming APC primary, as he stands tall among others, in terms of experience, competence and integrity. He remains committed to the progressive ideals of the APC.

It has also come to our notice that some sponsored opinion polls are being circulated to assault the sensibilities of the good people of Ondo State. While this antics do not, ordinarily, deserve a response, we are making this clarification to save the good people of the Sunshine State from being traumatised by desperate individuals who want to create an impression that is contrary to the realities among APC members in the units, wards and local government levels,  where Chief Olusola Oke, SAN is in the mouths and on the minds of party faithful. 

Our technical appraisals revealed clear loopholes, internal contradictions and systematic skewing that predictably make the outcome of the opinion polls to be inadequate in content, faulty in propositions and deceptive in outlook.

It is also noteworthy that some individuals, considered to be roundly bankrupt, particularly given their popularised gang up against President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, have been circulating a video clip where Chief Olusola Oke, SAN, sincerely reflected on the condition of the APC, at a time in the challenging past, which later helped to produce needed healing and rejuvenation in the party.

We like to remind good-minded people of Ondo State and teaming members of the APC in the state and beyond, that the opinion of Chief Olusola Oke, at this time, was informed by the many crises that plagued the APC in the 2016 gubernatorial primary. The contentious nature of the election can be seen in the pre-election litigation between Dr. Segun Abraham and Late Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, which terminated at the Supreme Court.

To say the least, people who embarked on deliberate amnesia about the internal rifts that occasioned many festering divisions in the party then, are merely looking for a way to debilitate the organic support Chief Olusola Oke, SAN, is enjoying among APC members at the various levels, and drag him down, since they have sunk low in the pursuit of their misguided aspiration.

Since issues traceable to this unfortunate impression were resolved, Chief Olusola Oke has made frantic efforts to sacrificially help build the APC in Ondo State and nationally. He is not a stranger in the party, and that was why he could use his acceptability across the state to earn victories for APC members in various elections.

It is our desire that other aspirants will continue to follow the path of integrity, peace and reasonableness, just like our Principal, while others with negative colouration should seek wilful purgation, instead of going deeper into the mud.

As members of one big family, APC, we must be deliberate in respecting one another’s emotions, personality and constitutional rights. 

We remain focused on the victory before us, and no distraction will sway our gaze into the glorious greater future in Ondo State.


Ojo Oyewamide
Spokesperson for the Campaign Council
March 22nd, 2024.

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  1. Olusola oke is the man after our heart…..he is a man of goodwill……ondo state deserve a better governor for a better government….
    *#Okelanlo* ✅✅✅

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