AAUA Student Protest: How it All Began

The Adekunle Ajasin University Student Union, led by the President, had a meeting with the University Management and pleaded that students who had not paid school fees be allowed to write the examinations for 1st Semester, 2020/2021 Academic Session.

The Vice Chancellor, on compassionate ground, granted their request.

Following the Vice Chancellor’s consideration, the Student Union President told all the students concerned that they would all be allowed to write their exams.I was there yesterday morning when he addressed all the students.

As a matter of fact, a good number of the students who had not paid school fees had been granted access to the examination venue where they were issued the code required to write their examination and they did write the examination.

However, some unserious students somewhere did not want the examination to hold. They never believe that Management could allowed those who had not paid school fee to write the examination: a joker they had banked on to disrupt the examination process.

This group of students would later bring up another mischievous plan insisting that the Management should issue a letter to the effect of the concession given the students who had not paid school fees: even when many of the affected students had written the examination scheduled for the day. To clear their doubt, Management did exactly what they wanted.

When they felt their plan had failed, they started throwing stones, sachet water and other dangerous objects at the staff and everyone present at the examination venue.

What else do they want?
The point is that this group of students that caused chaos were not prepared for this examination and they never believed examinations would hold being the first time in many years that the University would not shift examination date. They had thought the University would shift it as usual but they were wrong. So, the reality that examinations could begin was like seriously!

These sets of students are shot out of the Management drive at building a 21st Century properly called University!

One wonders while students who are in University to study would want to frustrate an examination process that had been scheduled since the beginning of the Semester!
– Yinka Fadayomi

1 thought on “AAUA Student Protest: How it All Began

  1. This actually shows the high level of unseriousness in this 21st century university students.
    Well, they achieve there aim indirectly but at a huge cost. Now even the innocent students will pay for the sins he/she dint commit.

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