Bishop threatens APC with N500bn character assassination lawsuit

The report of the unveiling of Senator Kasim Shettima as the running mate to the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, (APC), Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, is still generating steam as the General Overseer of the Rivers state-based Unbeatable God Ministries, Bishop Shedrack Ediruke, has threatened the ruling party with N500billion character assassination lawsuit.

Bishop Ediruke is accusing the party of including his name in the list of Church leaders, Bishops and Apostles who attended the event even when he was not part of the unveiling and was neither contacted nor invited.

He said the party also surreptitiously invaded his privacy by displaying his phone number publicly in the said list of pastors who purportedly attended the event.

Speaking at the weekend, the bishop said he was not in Abuja on that day and that with the inclusion of his name in the list of those who were at that event, unexplainable mischief was indeed intended.

His said: “This is to inform the general public and indeed all Nigerians that I was not in Abuja to attend Senator Shettima’s unveiling, either in the body or the spirit. Nigerians and indeed the whole world should disregard the information that I attended that gathering. I didn’t attend any APC vice presidential candidate unveiling in Abuja.

“Now concerning my phone number which they put alongside my name in that devilish list on the internet, I want the world to know that the number appears on all my social media handles, and mischief makers could copy it and do whatever they like with it.

“I am not an APC or PDP member. In short, I don’t belong to any political party. The inclusion of my name in that list is mischievous and satanic. May the blood of innocent Nigerians that are being killed every day in this country haunt those who included me as being a party to their evil plan.

“In fact, APC should be ready to meet me in court. As I shall file N500 billion lawsuits against them for damaging my hard-earned reputation and image, and for using my phone numbers for deceit without my permission whatsoever,” Bishop Ediruke stated.

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