Before You Cast Stone At Tinubu…
Remember, betrayal hurts deeply!

Before You Cast Stone At Tinubu…
Remember, betrayal hurts deeply!

I may not support BAT outburst but may our patience not be tested. Don’t judge Tinubu until you walk in his shoes.

The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies. It comes from friends and loved ones.

Hate or like Tinubu, he brought all of them to limelight. We never heard of them all until he helped them and they are super stars today. How many people have they helped in return? Let’s have their names. They are bunch of selfish and plastic people.

Tinubu’s boys

Yes, BAT has his flaws just like you and I. But remember betrayal hurts and throws one off balance. Who doesn’t siregun? Till now, nobody has said, BAT lied. It is a well known fact that BAT helped Buhari and Babachir once confirmed it.

Tinubu Transformed Buhari’s Image, Funded his 2015 Election – Babachir Lawal, Culled from LEGIT, Sunday, August 23, 2020.

What has changed now? People are just insincere and unstable.

As far as helping people is concerned, help differs from help. He didn’t just help them, he was their destinies helper. They attained the heights they never thought or dreamt of in life… When he needed them most, they were not there. Human beings and ingratitude are 5 and 6.

Tinubu – Purposeful living

One of the political super stars today was once a refrigerator repairer in Lagos. Tinubu made him a Commissioner, Governor, Minister… Today, he is a Billionaire…. A refrigerator repairer of yesterday? The person in question, his old friends are still repairing refrigerator in Lagos till now… Nobody is better than anyone it’s just by the grace of God. May our destiny helpers locate us and we’ll not be ungrateful.

This time will pass, definitely. The beauty about history is that, NOBODY AND NONE OF THESE MEN HE HELPED CAN REWRITE HISTORY!

Let the person who has not siregun come out and cast the first stone at Tinubu. Even here in Ondo State, we know ourselves.

May the will of God be done in our dear country, Nigeria. In 2023, May God the creator of heaven and earth give us a man to take Nigeria out of the mess caused by Buhari.

— Yinka Fadayomi Azariah

Writing from Akure

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